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Men Report Increased Sex Drive, Superior Erection Strength & Control Using VigRX Plus™


Over the course of the last 2 years, a comprehensive, double blind study has been completed on VigRX Plus™. Conducted by Vedic Lifesciences, a recognized Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Research firm, the extensive study used a "Test" and "Control" group of men as well as their sexual partners and followed the most rigid of protocols to arrive at a final consensus. As you see on the following table, the results were most impressive!

So why not take a glance below and go with VigRX Plus, the male sex enhancer with a proven track record?

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It's been proven! With VigRX Plus, stronger, more complete erections, increased sex drive and greater sexual satisfaction

Like most men looking to improve their sex lives and eliminate common sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and weak erections, you no doubt are inundated with offers, many questionable, many making outlandish claims. It is enough to make a fellow want to give it up and settle for a mediocre, unsatisfying sex life, since it is difficult to wade through all the junk to find the quality male enhancement products.

Well I kind of knew from my own personal experience over the last few years that VigRX Plus provides these benefits. Also VigRX Plus Reviews and Testimonials have demonstrated the very high satisfaction rate men note after using VigRX. However I wanted to see it proven scientifically for the benefit of countless other men with similar concerns who have been "on the fence" about which penis enhancement pill to try.

Specifically, I wanted to know for certain: Will most men as well as their partners experience more sexually satisfying relationships? Will men attain the powerful, stronger erections that came so easily 10-20-30 years ago using VigRX penis pills? Will a man regain the sexual endurance & sexual stamina he once had? The ability to sustain an erection until his partner has had a chance to climax? Will he get that strong, pleasurable, intense sexual desire of younger years back again? These are topics that men of any age ponder on a daily basis. Sex should be pleasurable and gratifying for both partners. Sexual intercourse should not be filled with worries like - "Will I complete the act or will my erection go weak midstream?" Can VigRX Plus consistently provide these benefits for men of all ages? As we see, the answer turned out to be an unqualified "Yes!" VigRX Plus produces results 

Only a quality male enhancer like VigRX Plus, backed by a reputable company offering the same product line for over 10 years, with a 100% money back guarantee could go through the effort to commission studies such as this most recent. Over the course of time, I had read a lot of "review" sites and come away even more confused than before I started reading. I wanted to see cold, hard facts and here they are. Only the best penis pill could provide these benefits under the scrutiny of unbiased medical research spanning 2 years.

Note these statistics represent reasonable results, not the wild boasts that some male enhancement products toss around. None of that "gain 4 inches in 2 weeks" Do not be fooled by impossible claims! nonsense we see so often in our junk email. Only proven results reported exactly as men experienced in this long term, expansive study into the merits of VigRX Plus are what counts!

Since you are considering trying the popular VigRX Plus natural male sexual enhancement pill, please do read the surprising results of this study and you will be assured you have made the right decision. These results represent a long-term evaluation of men and their partners, identical to the level of scrutiny that prescription medications receive before approval. However, VigRX Plus requires no prescription, is 100% natural and 100% herbal.

VigRX Plus met a high bar of research scrutiny

Important Note:

Now do not be confused by the significance of these percentages! It is easy to be confused. They confused me at first read and I spent 10 years in Marketing Research early in my career.

How about we break down one statistic here for example purposes?

62.82% Increase in ability to maintain erection

If one misreads this or any of the other statistics, they could come away believing that VigRX Plus had no effect at all on 37.18% of the men. Not the case at all! What that statistic means is that across the group, the men who received VigRX Plus, on average, reported the stated increases. That is a huge gain. Hope I made that clear!

VigRX Plus met a high bar of research scrutiny

By way of further explanation:

This study was conducted using a treatment group and a control group. The control group is practically identical to the treatment group, except for the single variable of interest whose effect is being tested, which is only applied to the treatment group. A good example would be a drug trial.

The sample or group receiving the drug would be the treatment group, and the one receiving the placebo would be the control group) The significance of the two groups is that the "treatment" group was given VigRX Plus during the study; the "control" group was given a placebo - a sugar pill. Being a "double-blind" study, neither the participants nor the clinicians knew who received VigRX Plus vs. the placebo. That essential neutrality was maintained throughout the entire duration of the study.

It is similarly important to note that this study followed the progress and impressions of men as well as their sexual partners. That is significant since we guys often think we are doing a little better than we actually are in the bedroom department. a study on the effectiveness of VigRX Plus from the standpoint of both men and women. To be truly fair, it is necessary to include the viewpoints of the people we men most want to impress with our sexual performance - our sexual partners.

This stringent methodology of the study eliminated a great potential for bias. It also eliminates the possibility that the intent of the study was to prove preconceived beliefs. The makers of VigRX Plus simply had a lot of confidence in their product already to go to the time and expense of such a study where the end result would simply "let the chips fall where they may"!

Proof VigRX Plus Works

A Little History:

When Albion Medical first developed and tested the premier male sex enhancer, VigRX™ back in 2000, several studies were performed by scientific groups that evaluate natural products both for safety and efficacy.

Similarly studies were performed on men like yourself to ensure that the expected aphrodisiac properties were experienced and that sexual enhancement goals were met or exceeded.

Of course that has turned out to be the case, as evinced by the tens of thousands of men who have become steady customers of VigRX - and since October, 2006 - the even further improved, even more popular VigRX Plus™!

The figures above from the first comprehensive, long-term test of VigRX Plus are amazingly impressive, even more impressive than expected, all involved agree.

If you wish to read more, there is a further detailed explanation at the VigRX Plus website. This entire report from Vedic Lifesciences, plus all prior studies performed on VigRX Plus are also available for download. The full set of all VigRX Plus testing data is near the bottom of that page. You can review the reports on-screen. However since some are fairly large PDF files, it is often easier to download them to your PC for viewing.


VigRX Plus - the proven erection enhancement treatment

Convinced yet? I was convinced back in 2006. When I had my share of erectile difficulties, I first tried the prescription solutions, thinking they were "better" and "safer". I was disappointed. Finally I made the right choice with VigRX. Wish I had started sooner!

Still not convinced? Keep reading below!

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